Cotton Linen Embroidered Bird Cage Cushion Cover

SKU: CC824
Product Description

Beautiful things really do come in small packages. This cleverly embroidered cushion cover epitomises this philosophy. It is a dainty mix of print, appliqué and embroidery. The buff coloured and durable linen is decorated with a very fine cotton printed material which in turn is puckered in strategic places to create texture and meaning within the design. It is then cleverly machine embroidered to illustrate the picture.  This cushion cover was made in Bangalore, India by a medium sized company that has a workforce of three hundred and fifty people. All benefits as per government regulations are paid, plus bonuses. The company enjoys a high rate of staff retention and is aiming to become  a really desirable place to work as they describe their employees as the true assets of the business, with such awe-inspiring skills like the ones exhibited in this cushion cover. Add a bit of dainty country style to any interior with this little piece of chintzy vintage-inspired loveliness.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • A beautiful mix of techniques
  • Dainty and calming
  • Country living style
  • Chintzy and vintage inspired

Dimensions: 30 x 50cm

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