Two-seater Sofa Covered in Old Embroideries (1 of 3)

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*EX-DISPLAY* Please check photo's to see if you are happy with the condition of the item. This is one of our last two sofas in this style that we have.

There are two ways to embrace this sofa. The festival of colour and texture swaddled in this gorgeous sofa speak for themselves, so as a main focal point of a room within a neutral colour scheme, it radiates style. Or … boho it and add layers of interest and opulence with an array of different printed linens and cushions, textured weaves from rugs and wall hangings and sumptuous floor cushions, all offset with fresh greenery and natural wooden furniture. Either way, it will look fabulous.

Supplier Info: The company that hand makes this wonderful sofa, covered in recycled old embroideries, is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. They employ up to fifty people, both men and women, thirty of whom are sub-contractors and fifteen employees who work in the factory. They are provided with medical insurance by ESI, Provident Funding, a productivity bonus and free meals when required. They are involved in the local community and celebrate festivals by donating food and clothes on a weekly basis. They also supply water for all and support some NGO's who educate the poor. They have adopted environmental measures such as rainwater harvesting, recycling and are planning a solar power plant. The supplier says "our team of employees are very friendly and work very hard with team spirit to increase the productivity of the company. We want to spread our business all over the world and we are planning to open a retail chain all over India. We want to have 100% satisfaction with our buyers”. A noble wish. 


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade and each one is one-off
  • Celebrates traditional diversification
  • A stunning piece of furniture, covered with recycled embroideries
  • A festival of colour and texture

Dimensions: 140 x 80 x 75cm

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