Iron Hanging Lantern with Glass Gems

SKU: LT205
Product Description
This hanging lantern has an almost medieval vibe to it, like a knight’s goblet or a nobleman’s treasure. It is hand-soldered with twinkling glass gems into pressed and die-cut metal. The makers’ story is an interesting one too. It is a small business with only twenty-five employees based in Delhi, India. They believe that everyone there is equal regardless of status; “everyone is a worker and everyone is an owner”, which goes a long way towards explaining their friendly working and co-operative atmosphere. They provide breakfast and other meals to their employees as well as bonuses and medical benefits. The items are 100% handcrafted using traditional techniques and their ambition is to become one of the leading companies that manufacture metal and glass handicraft products in India. Their main targets are to satisfy their customers and ensure a happy and healthy working atmosphere. As an unlit decorative object it is pretty stunning, but drop a tea light inside and the magic awakens.

Why we love this product!

Completely handmade
Glass gems
Medieval influence
Magic and adventure

Diameter: 7cm H:14/33cm

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