Handmade Paper Uncut Notebook 18.5x25cm

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For a special presentation or indeed a special present, this handmade and hand-sewn paper notebook is, to coin a phrase, the business. The quality of the paper is superbly thick and sublimely textured and the feathered uncut edge is the delicious icing on the cake. Nearly two hundred men and women are employed in this factory with some jobs being outsourced so people can work from home. Traditional techniques are involved in the manufacturing of handmade paper, particularly in making special class handmade paper sheets like banana and mulberry, where only artisans who are highly experienced are deployed. The main raw material is purchased directly from local mills who make hosiery products and is composed of 100% mercerised cotton. They also recycle waste cuttings from the handmade paper sheets. Employees are covered under an ESI benefit scheme with paid holidays. The company puts on cultural programmes in music and dance to encourage good working relationships and a congenial atmosphere. They are proud of the fact that their product is natural and eco-friendly. For final pieces of artwork or important preparatory pieces, this handmade paper is durable, won’t buckle under watercolour washes and the lovely irregular texture makes painting a joy. Considering one sheet of handmade paper can cost £8, these beautiful books are a bargain that will only enhance artwork. A great present for art students, fully-fledged artists or simply lovers of beautiful things.

Why we love this product!

- Fairtrade

- Handmade

- Hand-sewn

- Recycled and natural

- Available in six different colours


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