Hand-Forged Iron Bracket

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For rustic simplicity, this hand-forged iron bracket is a classic exemplar. Since the invention of the shelf, no other concept has worked better in alliance than a piece of metal bent to a perfect right-angle and screw-holes added. In complete contrast to our general maxim of ‘more is more’, we have fallen for the effortless design of this bracket. The producer of it employs approximately thirty people who work in teams and mostly in their own homes. The lion’s share of the work is done by particular communities and is very labour intensive. Traditional ironsmiths or ‘lohars’ as they are known in India, do heavy blacksmithing and forging with hot metal, whilst the muslim village folk generally tend to work with sheet metal. Materials for products can also include wood and some salvaged metal recycled from the manufacturing process. All waste is recycled, re-used or disposed of responsibly. They harvest rainwater from their factory roof and store it in a tank for watering the factory garden which is planted with trees. These artisans provide authentic handmade items that perfectly illustrate the craftsmanship of centuries old techniques. For bespoke design elegance choose a shelf made from natural materials to complement a pair of them faultlessly.


Why we love this product!




Rustically simple

Design effortlessness

Available in two sizes


Dimensions: W:2cm D:10cm H:10cm


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