Goloka Blessing Incense - Healing (Lavender)

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Goloka Blessings Healing incense is hand-rolled from natural lavender and therefore lasts longer and smells infinitely better than factory rolled products. Perfect for meditation, letting go and for healing. The calming aroma gently fills the room to encourage an ambience centred around balance and forgiveness. The supplier is a buying agent based in Delhi and the USA, and sources handmade products from local artisans in India. Eight people work in the office there and receive statutory wages, plus wage rises twice a year and a health insurance card. Within their local community the company fund school equipment for seven hundred children and provide ten cash prizes awarded for the ten best achieving students, once a year on India Day. Their generosity and philanthropy shone through recently when a terrible earthquake struck in Nepal. They were first in line providing much needed practical help by sending food and solar cookers, so that people could cook food and sterilise water. The supplier says "We are blessed to have such a team that runs the company in a 100% professional way, we hope and dream we can continue with honesty and integrity”. Goloka itself, the manufacturer, is a non-profit organisation that employs approximately seven hundred people, all of whom work in the factory and their employees receive benefits as well as salaries. There is no child labour and money raised from the sale of these incense sticks aids a children’s charities, education and scholarships. By buying this product you are helping yourself and others. 


Why we love this product!


  • Hand-rolled
  • Fairtrade 
  • Natural and not tested on animals
  • Healing and balance
  • Helps others to a better future



A 20 gram box contains approximately 12 incense sticks

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