Ceramic Salad Plate

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The chunky, swirly and wholesome appearance of this plate just makes us want to don our wellies and grow some salad! The colour, the texture and the look just emanates cosiness, simplicity and love. This supplier is based in Honduras and employs fifty people. They have a team of finely trained and experienced artisans. Employees receive free on-going training and art education for their children. They have health benefits, maternity leave and the Honduran legal bonus pay of a 13th and 14th month salary. The factory uses many traditional skills such as forging, welding, crochet, carving, glass and ceramic making. The ceramics are made with local clay using hand building, wheel throwing, bisque firing and high temperature enamelling. This company belongs to an NGO called Fundacion San Juancito which is a 20 year old foundation and provides educational, cultural, health and environmental support programmes to the surrounding community. The factory is very keen on recycling waste materials and they also produce many products that use materials like aluminium tabs from drink cans, old rubber tyres, recycled bottles or even window glass. They dream of strengthening their company by gaining more exports and enabling them to train and employ more people. Now where’s that organic grow bag?


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Hand-thrown
  • Artisan perfection
  • Rustically simple
  • Chunky and wholesome

Dimensions: 22cm

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