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Ceramic Doorknob with Gold Painted Edge

Ian Snow Ltd

£5.40 Regular price £6.00

Sometimes changing the smallest details can make the biggest difference. If you have an outdated piece of furniture or even a whole kitchen, the easiest way of changing ming to bling is by simply changing the fittings and this particular doorknob radiates a demure opulence that instantly updates a tired scheme into sophisticated drama. Its brilliance lies in the imperfection. Cast in a mould, it is then fired several times to achieve the sumptuously, rich golden rim and crackle-glaze antiqued finish. It is a delicate tarnished beauty that at any time during the process could explode in the kiln and the work would have to start all over again. 

Supplier Info: Handmade in a small, modern and clean factory-cum-warehouse based in Delhi, sixty people manufacture textiles and the company also buys innovative handicraft items such as this, from third parties. Staff receive maximum remuneration for good work and wages are above average for the area. There is no child labour, they have a waste recycling program and they support CRY - a charity for homeless children. They also provide loans and materials to people involved in their supply chain. The  smooth and simple appearance belies the technical skill involved in the making of this item. 


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Luxurious and tarnished beauty
  • Sophisticated drama
  • Lovely crackle-glaze effect 

 Dimensions: W: 6cm D: 7.5cm H: 4cm