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Recycled Plastic Pink Pot & Nylon String Plant Hanger

Ian Snow Ltd

£5.50 Regular price £10.99

Bright Pink Nylon String Plant Hanger & Recycled Plastic Pot

Measurements - W:20cm D:20cm H:80cm


Maker Profile:

This medium-sized manufacturer produces small embroidered gift items and decorative sparkly mosaicked lac work items such as pill boxes, mirrors etc. They employ 261 people, both men and women the majority of whom are factory workers, a small proportion are cottage workers and a small number are sub contractors. In addition to statutory wage, employees receive insurance, sick leave and holiday leave, they can also access free health check ups and help with their children's education. They are proud as a company of their innovative products, hard work and appreciation received from clients, Their employees have excellent ability, are confident, have a positive attitude and are "our pillar for future growth".