Brass Sugar Cube Cuff with White Crystal Druzy Stone

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Product Description
This beautiful brass, sugar cube cuff has been handmade in Noida, India, using traditional techniques. It features glistening white, crystal droozy stones, which reflect gold, turquoise and purple when catching the light. The flattering design can dress up any outfit, day or night, and the unique contrast between the sparkling stones and brass cuff are sure to make this bracelet a talking point! This supplier who makes this product provides work for 300 people, men and women. 45 are based in the factory, 145 are cottage workers and 110 are sub-contractors. Besides statutory wages factory workers receive health insurance and provident fund. Being a cottage industry, they employ a lot of very poor women workers who work from their homes in remote parts of the country. The employer also provides school fees for some employees children who need assistance, as well as advances and interest free loans for marriages etc.
Why we love this product!
  • Features glistening white, crystal droozy stones
  • Gold, turquoise and purple colours can be seen when catching the light
  • Can dress up any outfit
  • Fairtrade
  • Strong, brass cuff

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