Looped-edged Brass Bowl Pink / Cream / Pale Blue / White

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A great gift for a loved one. This ornamental, looped-edged brass bowl with an intricate cut-out is hand-decorated in incredible detail. It is reminiscent of a budding flower opening up to the warmth of the sunshine. Forty-five people are involved in this manufacturing venture in Moradabad, India. There are twelve factory workers and nine cottage workers who work from home, and can support their families at the same time. The other employees are sub-contractors and administrative staff. They employ a skilled workforce, who very much depend on them for their basic monthly salary. They support their staff fully according to their requirements that arise from time to time. Sometimes people need help with loans for weddings or support because of illness. The company and staff are muslims, and as part of their faith, alms giving is taken very seriously and must be undertaken every day, whether it be supporting a charity or helping a neighbour. Everyone will celebrate EID together. There are some green measures in place, for example rainwater harvesting and electricity from solar power. The supplier says "we are trying our level best, we want to develop our company building, when we are in a position to, if you come to India, we will welcome you to our factory gate.” Make a stunning display on a vintage dresser with similar bowls available in different sizes and designs.

Why we love this product!

  • Fairtrade
  • Hand-painted
  • Highly decorative
  • Eye-catching
  • Available in different sizes and patterns

Diameter: 23cm

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