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Blue Betel Nut and Black Feather Triangle Mobile

Ian Snow Ltd

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SKU: TB153

This looks like is a very simple mobile, but it belies intricate artisan skill to make a highly effective decoration. The sticks are hand-whittled free of their bark to create a lovely sun-bleached effect frame. A natural fine string is then intricately knotted across the frame to hang playfully with blue-coloured betel nuts and dark feathers that are wrapped and strung at angles. The overall effect is akin to quirky jay birds flitting between the branches. It’s gorgeous.

Supplier Info: This large supplier is based in Bangladesh and employs two and a half thousand artisans, one thousand of whom work in the factories, five hundred are homeworkers and the remainder are sub-contractors, plus over a hundred support staff. Women doe the manufacturing work and the men are hired for support work only. These artisans mainly come from rural areas, are poor as they are usually widows or divorcees. The support teams are highly skilled experts that are specialised in the fields they work in. All of the employees receive many benefits in addition to their wages which include Provident Fund pensions,  gratuity, medical allowance, annual leave and a share of the profit. All of the products this supplier produces are handmade from natural materials, including natural and AZO free dyes, plus 2% of the profit from this company is used annually for community development such as school resources and environmental measures. This company is a Guaranteed Fair Trade certified company by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Simply artisan
  • Each one is different
  • Gorgeous effect

Dimensions: W: 26cm H: 87cm