Black Velvet Jewellery Box With Embroidered Flower Urn

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This sizeable jewellery box is a treasure in itself. Covered in a sumptuous black chenille velvet and lined with satin, this box is finished to the highest standard. Open the lid, held ajar by two black ribbons, to reveal a large mirror and a smoothly fitting top drawer with three padded sections. Remove the drawer and the box opens up to a further padded space underneath. The hand-decorated top of this box is beautiful and made from multiple colours of silky thread, padded and oversewn many times to create depth and texture. Two-toned flowers trail in a plump and intricately decorated urn and a green thread wrapped in gold, highlights leaf stems, veins and grass. A thick golden embroidery thread reminiscent of delicate chains is wrapped, looped and hand-sewn around each gem in the centre of the flowers, and looped pink buds gather at the end of each and every twirl. The supplier of these amazing jewellery boxes, employs up to fifteen artisans. All of them are permanent employees, working on daily time-based wages. If orders are sparse then they start working on new samples, so the artisans get their wages all year round, irrespective of the seasonality of the marketplace. Apart from statutory wages, employees get special free meals fortnightly, and have free tea and snacks during the day. Loans are also considered and if it is a deserving case, they are given. The employer also sponsors the education of some of her artisans children. Alternatively, use as a make-up box because of the large mirror. This is a gift beyond comparison and a precious keepsake for generations to come.

Why we love this product!

A high-end artisan product
Precious gift

Dimensions: W:25 D:20 H:8cm

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