Beaten Metal Floating Votive in Gold & Silver

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Product Description

Ohmmmmm …. If you are in need of a little peace and quiet, a relaxing meditation or just a lovely ambience, look no further. This handmade, tactile and beautifully shaped floating votive will do the trick. Grouping several together could have you positively horizontal with calmness. Handmade with a sensual silver on the outside with a subtle groove pattern, the inside is painted in a bright indian gold colour with an antique effect. It is dome-shaped to a soft, round point and made especially for floating gently in water. The bright gold colouring reflects a lit flame in a spectacular fashion. Three to four hundred skilled craftsmen work for this supplier in India. Some work from home and some in the factory, and every item is hand-crafted. Materials used include brass, iron, wood, glass, mosaic tesserae, cloth and glass beads. In addition to statutory wages, employees receive Provident Funding, bonuses, holidays and the company is the trustee of Ahsan Hospital which specialises in eye treatment. Partners take note, for a touch of romance, float several in a bowl (MH548) and light some incense (II150RO), float some some flower petals and add essential oils. Oh my!

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fairtrade
  • Tactile
  • Simple
  • Beautifully ambient

Diameter:12cm H:8cm

Please note that the bowl is not included as pictured


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