Azlan Hopsack Duvet Cover and Matching Pillow Cases

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Product Description

Hopsack is not technically a fabric, it’s a method of weaving a fabric (most often a lightweight wool) making for a light, versatile and comfortable quilt cover. This quilt cover comes with matching pillow cases in a beautiful  and delicately faded print design on the front and a green zigzag pattern on the reverse on a contrasting white background. The disparity between both sides of this quilt cover is gorgeously enigmatic, but truly works due to the subtle hints of colour cleverly hidden within the top pattern.  Imagine it filled with a plump quilt, a fresh sheet underneath and turned back at the top. Very inviting.

Supplier Info: The supplier of it employs over two hundred men and women, of whom, just over half are factory workers and the rest are sub contractors. Employees receive benefits such as a provident fund pension scheme, employee state insurance, bonus, gratuity and annual paid leave. They value their team of employees describing them as well experienced and quality conscious. Many traditional handiwork techniques are used such as block-printing, screen printing, quilting, embroidery, bead and appliqué work. They also have a water harvesting system in place. As a company, they are proud of their quality and design uniqueness. They say “modernisation is an on-going phenomenon and we keep on making improvement, we foresee a very good future for our company”.




Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Lightweight and comfortable hopsack
  • Contrasting patterns
  • Includes two matching pillow cases

Dimensions: 225 x 230cm

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