Aromatherapy Soap

Product Description

Aromatherapy Soap in 5 assorted fragrances



Supplier Info:

This amazing soap is made by a small company in Thailand that employs 25 factory workers & 10 sub-contractors. The soap and packaging are both handmade. The main ingredients are vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, water, essential oils, fragrance, herbs & colour. Staff are paid above the minimum wage, and receive extra holidays, bonuses and company trips. The company helps to organise blood donation in their community and also with the education of under-privileged children. They support the Red Cross & CCF foundation charities in Thailand. The company also donates funds every year to a nursing home for the elderly and to an orphanage. In 2014, to show their support for the lowly paid, hardworking soldiers who defend Southern Thailand from the insurgency, they raised funds to provide them with essential personal items to show their appreciation for what they do. In 2011 they donated funds to help victims of the floods in Thailand. Their team of employees are treated like family, with a new cafeteria & rest room to be finished by the end of 2014. The goal of the company is to create wellness of living and to create a work place where people are happy to work.

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