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Aromafume Signature Scent Variety Box

Ian Snow Ltd

SKU: II246

Aromafume Signature Scent Variety Box is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Aromafume Signature Scent Variety Box

Box Measurements - W:17cm D:7cm H:7cm


  • exotic tree of life incense burner
  • 5 fragrances: royal sandal, magic lavender, nag champa, palo santo, dragons blood


Maker Profile: 

This business employs 125 male and female workers and no sub-contractors. They work as one big family and everyone is treated equally regardless of the level at which they are engaged within the organisation. Since some workers are very poor and uneducated they are provided with basic medicines and doctor visits to qualified clinics are paid for if they are sick. All Festivals are celebrated with all employees dressing traditionally on that day, and since employees are from diverse religious backgrounds workers from that particular faith lead the others for a prayer, pooja etc. Meals and refreshments are organised and it is an opportunity for staff to socialise and bond. All rubbish is segregated and all plastics, paper, metal and glass is recycled. Water is heated by solar and everything is dried naturally to avoid the need to consume electric in the drying process. The company constantly strives to improve the working conditions and the personal development of their staff and their aim is to be the most innovative speciality home fragrance company, always at the forefront of the trade with new concepts and developments. Their products are 100% IFRA compliant, and they are among a very few incense companies in India that use IFRA compliant materials. As a family run business they also take pride in following the simple principle of their great-grandfather to replace or stop using any material in their incense that may be harmful or is later discovered to be harmful to animals or people, and  the same is followed for ingredients that may be at risk of extinction or banned for use in cosmetics.