Anarkali Scarf

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What better time of year than autumn/winter to wear this beautifully soft, warm and colourful scarf? The pretty pattern in pinks, reds, burnt umber, purples and greys, is made from 60% cotton, 24% acrylic, 16% wool. It wraps cosily and generously around the neck with plenty to spare and the gypsy-inspired pattern, fine tassels and tufty edging provide effortless chic. This product is produced by a company in Kolkata, India that provides work for around twenty-five men and women working from home, plus some office based staff. Sub-contractors are periodically employed during busy times. The production of this item and the others they manufacture, helps to sustain traditional skills that are done by hand, such as handloom weaving, printing and embroidery. The company regularly donates to charities and supports their local community with donations. They celebrate festivals such as Diwali and Holi by giving employees clothing and sweet-treats. The company also offers interest free loans if any employee is in need of one. Their hopes for the future include increasing the business and by doing so, providing more employment for their local community. Having been in business for forty-five years, many of their workers have been with them from the start and have become more like members of the family. Wrap loosely around the neck, wear as a pashmina or drape over the shoulders and gather around the waist with a thin leather belt. Oooh - bring on the snow!

Why we love this product!

Woven by hand on a loom
Colourful and versatile design
Effortlessly chic
60% cotton, 24% acrylic, 16% wool = soft

Dimensions: 70 x 180cm

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