Printed Green Scarf Made From 100% Wool

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This warm, woollen and lightweight scarf in earthy tonal greens is printed with a subtle knitted stocking stitch effect. The dark green gives it a regal quality. Beautifully soft and neat, it is perfect to wear on a crisp autumnal walk or a vintage bicycle ride with a warming flask of tea and homemade biscuits in the basket. It is delicately frayed on the ends to create a tiny fringe and cosily snug. This textile factory in New Delhi employs eighty men and women - the cottage workers (artisans who work from home) are given seasonal work as the workload ebbs and flows. Apart from statutory wages the employees can get loans whenever they are in need. The team of employees are described as honest and efficient, and when there are festivals like Diwali they are celebrated together at the factory. In order to keep the environment clean and to improve the air, they plant lots of trees and harvest their rainwater. They have plans to improve factory conditions and are working on a solar power system at present. They are working on expanding the company for more efficiency and strive for quality. Dress for success or relax with friends and family with this elegant, bold and beautiful country inspired scarf.

  • Fairtrade
  • Handmade
  • 100% wool
  • Warm and snug
  • Regal and dapper

Dimensions: 70 x 180cm

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