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Add a Paper Lampshade

Add a Red Paper Lampshade to complement your rug for £28.99

Red Paper Lampshade


A beautiful contemporary ethnic accent to any room, this red pleated hand made paper lampshade is beautifully simple, yet eye-catching and complex in appearance.

Rug + lampshade:

£41.98 £33.99


Add a Blue Cotton Throw

Add a Blue Geometric Cotton Throw to complement your rug for £15.99

Blue Geometric Cotton Throw


This herringbone throw is a beautiful addition to any home, and complements the rug perfectly. Made from soft cotton, it will keep you lovely and warm, as well as looking stylish. 

Rug + throw:

£28.98 £20.99



Why not add both?

Add both the lampshade and throw, and qualify for free shipping

Lampshade and Throw


Get both the lampshade and throw to go with your rug and create a transformation in any room for under £50. We'll also throw in free shipping to make this an even easier decision.

Rug + lampshade + throw:

£57.97 £49.98 inc. shipping



No upgrade, just the rug thanks

If you don't want to add any of these offers, please click below to get just the rug for £5


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