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For a limited time we're offering this fantastic rug for an amazing 83% off at just £1. Shipping isn't included, and costs £4. 

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£5.99 £1.00



The weft of this rug is a riot of chunky colour. The rug is woven with recycled rags collected from many sources and some, like this one, are enhanced with the addition of natural hand-spun jute. 

Why we love this product:

  • It's handwoven in a traditional manner by Dinesh's team in Delhi
  • It's Fairtrade
  • It's totally unique - no two are the same
  • It brings a riot of colour, but is still subtle and stylish
  • Great as a doormat, in a bathroom or frankly anywhere in the home
  • It's all round gorgeous

Sounds too good to be true?

We do get asked if there's a catch - the top 3 questions we get are:

“Does it really only cost £1- what’s the catch?”

There’s no catch – It’s really £1 – we will ask you to pay for shipping which is £4 – but we hope that’s understandable since this is quite a bulky item to get to you. If you include other items in your order, shipping is free for any order over £50 too.

“£1 – that’s too cheap, are you ripping off the person who made this?”

Honestly, this *is* too cheap, but it’s us taking the hit. We’re still paying full price to Dinesh. Why would we do that? Because we want to introduce you to what we do, and we hope you’ll like this rug enough to buy something else. There’s no obligation to of course, but we think you might just love our range enough to become a regular customer. Think of this as our investment in helping you to give us a try.

“OK, but is it any good? At that price it can’t be.”

We’d like to show you how great our products are and convince you to become a lifelong customer – it’s not in our interests to send you something shoddy. If for some reason you’re not happy with the rug when you get it, you can use our full refund policy – just send it back and we’ll refund your money. That’s the same guarantee we offer on any product bought in our online store.

No Quibble Returns

Don't forget we offer a no questions asked, no quibble, no hassle returns policy for 30 days, so if you're not happy with the rug you can return it easily.

We look forward to showing you how great our unique home furnishings are!

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