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Recycled, Upcycled and Vintage

Recycled, Upcycled and Vintage

A substantial part of our product range is made from materials which have been used before. Creating one-off pieces, bursting with character, without having such a negative impact on the planet.

Post-consumer waste, remanufactured into totally new pieces– like our eye-catching plant pots, made from plastic bottles.

Our rarest, most unique pieces. Untouched and unaltered, wesource these truly vintage pieces from our artisan partnersfrom around the world. And once they arrive, we deliver themstraight to you.

An old material, given new purpose – like strips of old cotton,transformed into our unmistakable multi-coloured rag rug.

Before we order any piece, we find out if it can be made fromrecycled or upcycled materials. And if it can’t? We look tomake sure it can be made from sustainably sourced materialslike jute, wool, bamboo, and wood.At the moment, we use cotton in some of our pieces. We wantto reduce the environmental impact this has, so we’re lookingto become members of the Better Cotton Initiative.We’re also phasing out acrylic, glitter and sequins in all ourpieces. 

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