Handcrafted Furniture

Our handcrafted furniture collection is not like any other you are likely to have encountered. We have quirky individual items that are packed full of character and just simply cannot be bought on the high street. They feature extravagant patterns, bold colour palettes and inspirational finishing details that make them one-off pieces.

One-off is what we specialise in. You will buy something that no-one else will have a version of because something in the creation process will have been done slightly differently to the one made before and after it. It is these small details that capture the bohemian spirit.

We believe in authentic, rich, individual and original designs. The character and personality of every handcrafted piece is unique to that piece. This collection hosts a range of chairs, benches, stools, chests, cabinets, and tables. If you are trying to transform a space then look no further than our eye catching collection of handcrafted furniture made by artisans how pass on their skills from generation to generation. 

Our furniture will bring colour and life into any home. This is not a classical wooden collection of standard furniture. What you will be browsing are busy patterns, patchwork embroidery, and embellished items. There is nothing standard about our truly bohemian furniture collection. The craftsmanship adds artistic flare to every range and the colours will draw you in and have you admiring the different textures.

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