Clothing and Accessories

The Bohemian clothing and accessories collections include bags, jewellery, clothing, knitwear, purses and scarves. Of particular note is The Jaipur collection designed by Daisy Snow. This is a beautiful range of clothing made in Jaipur, India using traditional skills by local people. It features an autumnal design that is colourful and creative in equal measure.

The bohemian clothing and accessories selections can be combined to create the perfect outfit. A wonderful eco-friendly and handmade bag, complemented with a knitwear glove and hat set, and finished with a decorative brooch and a beautifully patterned scarf. You may be looking for an item in particular or just browsing because shopping is a stress reliever!  

Whatever brings you to these pages you will find an array of colour and patterns that have been inspired primarily by Indian culture as well as other regions around the world. You will be gripped by the diversity of the ranges and the passion that goes into every product.

We are proud of our exciting ranges and the fact that they each reflect our core company values. We believe in sustainable materials and processes throughout the creation and supply of every product. We also believe strongly in fair trade practices that ensure our skilled suppliers are governed by ethical guidelines. We have great relationships with our cultural neighbours which is why our products have all the bohemian flare and artisan style that it is possible to capture. Boho clothing really is so versatile, colourful and fluid and the accessories bring outfits to life.