Find out more about how our beautiful, handcrafted products are made.

 Every product we sell is made by hand using a huge variety of different artisan skills. These are skills which have been passed down through generations, often specific to certain areas due to what raw materials have always been available to work with.

Keeping artisan skills alive is important to us for many reasons. It equips future generations with a livelihood, sustains millions of people around the world, enables woman and men to work from home which is more convenient and efficient for both employers and workers and less pollution is emitted throughout the production of handmade goods, and therefore it is beneficial to the environment too. Additionally, the quality and feel of the products is noticeably better, they have character and charm that you simply don’t get with a mass produced machine-made item. Handmade products are less inclined to be thrown away, because the time and skills involved make the product meaningful.

We have never been interested in encouraging the production of machine-made products, instead we strive to support the handmade, artisan industry to keep people in jobs and keep skills alive.

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