Womens Not-For-Profit in Bangladesh

This is the product range from a womens not-for-profit organisation we work with in Bangladesh. Their vision is that all rural women of Bangladesh live in dignity and are valued as contributing members of society. They focus on developing the social and economic capacity of rural, disadvantaged women in Bangladesh by creating productive employment opportunities and sustainable linkages to world markets. With the principles being to help people without regard to caste or creed;  to always work in a spirit of love, respect and compassion, to make decisions that encourage self-reliance and to reach integrity in all actions, to show the way to non-violence in problem solving, to demonstrate simplicity in life and work style. They support income generating products, as well as employment and skill development projects all over the country. 

They also feel proud that most materials they use are indigenous, recycled, degradable and natural and artisans only use natural and AZO free dyes when they produce colourful items.


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