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Guatemalan Lucky Kit

Ian Snow Ltd


Guatemalan Lucky Kits in four designs.

Supplier Info: This supplier has a small factory that employs 33 local people from the small village where the factory is located. The packing process takes place in the factory, while the indigenous Mayan artisans work in their own homes in small villages in Guatemala usually in the highlands.
The employees count on their monthly salary, but in addition they have medical insurance for any emergencies. Thousands of Guatemalans have supplemented their mainly agricultural income by producing these products, this added income gives the family the possibility of sending their children to school for a few more years.
The materials used in making these products are easily available in Guatemala and are renewable, for example, cotton, ceramic, or cibaque (a plant found on the riverbank), recycled paper and wood.
This supplier also creates funds from donations and sales which cover the majority of costs to fund one full project per year, and they have already built two schools in the local community.
They are proud to present the best of Guatemala and doing so in a way that 
improves life for many people