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Hemp Necklace with Beads

Ian Snow Ltd

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The simpler and  more ordinary-looking something is often belies the work and skill involved in its manufacture. This beautifully hand-knotted necklace is a perfect example and is delicately intricate and awe-inspiring. The knot work is on such a tiny scale that it is immediately obvious that a great deal of skill and practice is needed to make such an item. The tension is uniform and the pattern extraordinary. It is made in one go, so the length that the string has to be for the design would most probably end up in a jumbled string nest in the hands of less nimble and adept fingers. As the hemp is light, this necklace is great for holidays, beachwear, festivals … anything goes really.

Supplier Info:

The manufacturer is a large supplier from Bangladesh employing thousands of artisans. Just under half work in factories, five hundred are homeworkers and the remainder are sub-contractors, including one hundred and forty male support staff. The artisans come from rural areas and are mainly poor women, widows or divorcees and the support teams are highly specialised in the fields they work in. All employees receive many benefits in addition to their wages such as pension funds, gratuity, medical allowance, annual leave and a share of the profits. All of the products they make are handmade from natural materials, including natural & AZO free dyes and 2% of the annual profit is used each year for community development such as school resources, equipment and trees. The company employ solar power and are certified as a fair-trade company by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO).

Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Beautifully handmade
  • A natural and eco-friendly product
  • Beautifully delicate and light
  • A lovely gift

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