Hand-Painted “Day of the Dead” Bull Mask

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Product Description

Small details can set your home apart from the mainstream. This colourful and hand-crafted wooden bull decoration is beautifully hand-painted in a lime green with a lovely floral and dotty detail. The Mexican festival is a happy holiday and not the morbid or tawdry affair that the nomenclature suggests. It is a time for friends and family to gather, remember and celebrate their dead relatives’ lives and help them on their spiritual journey. The fact that this bull is licking its nose is a perfect representation of that essence, humour and joy. The horns of the mask are detachable for easy posting and there is a cord at the back to enable hanging. It’s a lovely quirky decoration that could be an unusual way of of portraying a difficult message to someone as a gift. It’s definitely on our bucket list of wanted decor purely for its beauty. The rest is a bonus.

Supplier Info: The supplier owns a small factory and employs just over thirty local people from the nearby village. They pack the products while the Mayan artisans work in their own homes in small villages throughout Guatemala, but usually in the highlands. Employees receive a monthly salary, but in addition they have emergency medical insurance. Thousands of Guatemalans have supplemented their mainly agricultural income by producing these products and this added income allows families to send their children to school for a precious few more years. The materials used in making this and other products are widely available in Guatemala and are renewable. Cotton, ceramic, or cibaque (a plant found on the riverbank), recycled paper and wood are amongst them. The company also donates funds to cover the majority of costs for annual community projects, such as building schools. They are proud to represent the spirit of Guatemala in a way that improves thousands of lives.




Why we love this product!

  • Hand-crafted
  • Hand-painted
  • Fair Trade, helping many families to achieve a better standard of living and schooling
  • A perfect illustration of a happy day
  • A lovely piece of wall art.

Dimensions: W: 26cm D: 16cm H: 17cm 

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