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Free Standing Alfalfa Cactus

Ian Snow Ltd

£25.00 Regular price £49.00

Stylish individuals are confident in their tastes and unafraid to take some risks. Translate this mindset into your home by making a statement with your interior. Tossing in an unexpected piece will assert your personal taste and become an intriguing focal point.This cactus is hand-woven from dried alfalfa and is the ultimate room accessory. It is available in three sizes, is free-standing, quirky and injects a desert flavour on its own or go for the whole fiesta. Arriba! 

Supplier Info: This supplier is based in Morocco with twenty-six factory workers and a huge number of home workers. They describe their hard-working team as co-operative, progressive and skilled. Their products are nature-friendly and in the future they plan to offer even more benefits to their workers. The company is proud to have come from humble beginnings and just a personal interest to now providing work opportunities and supporting hundreds of thousands of people. By buying this product, you will be too.


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Inject a little intriguing Mexican flavour or
  • Go for the fiesta!
  • Three sizes available