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Swagat Incense Sticks 25g, 12 Assorted Fragrances

Ian Snow Ltd


Swagat Incense Sticks 25g in 12 Assorted Fragrances


Maker Profile:

This item has been manufactured in Delhi the capital city of India, by a small business with 50 male employees, being one of the oldest & leading companies of India.  The incense is traditionally hand-rolled, & much of the packaging is made from recycled paper. Employees receive bonuses if production targets are met & the business supports children in need, having adopted, at present 27 children from remote villages in Rajasthan who are very poor or orphaned, helping them with their education, these children are provided with all the necessities including school uniforms, transport, extra tutoring, medical help, help with their vision & anything else necessary to help them prosper & achieve their individual dreams.