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Tasitaki Tynsha Bells


SKU: PR004

Tasitaki Tynsha Bells

Made in Nepal these Tasitaki tynsha bells are used for prayer and meditation, and also to purify spaces.They are made from metal and have the eight auspicious symbols decorating them around the outside. The 2 bells are joined together by leather thonging and make a pair.

Measurements - Dia:7cm


Maker Profile:

Employs: 25

Percentage paid statutory wage: 100%

Ratio working in factory/home: 60/40

✓ Paid Holiday

✓ Workers receive other benefits: We provide full Health Benefits Support but if necessary loans as well including partial education funding.

✓ Right to join trade unions and bargain collectively

✓ Freedom to raise concerns

✓ Health and Safety Compliant

✓ No Child or forced labour

✓ No discrimination in the workplace

✓ Women receive equal pay for equal work

Support: We provide Sahaja Yoga Meditation in Kathmandu, Volunteer in Lions Club with community issues

The use of harmful Chemicals: None

Environmental: Recycling Rubber Tyre to make Drum Sticks, Clean the Environment and Raise Awareness

We have worked with Ian Snow For the last 27 years