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Acrylic Tassels

Ian Snow Ltd


This gorgeous tassels could decorate a Christmas tree, a doorknob, a kitchen, a window … the possibilities are endless. It is beautifully handmade and each thread is fine, but gathered together to make a thick, lustrous and tactile tassel that can’t fail to charm.

Approx Measurements - Dia:12cm H:22.5cm


Maker Profile: 

This medium-sized manufacturer employs almost three hundred people, twenty-five of whom work at the factory and the rest from their homes. All employees receive benefits in addition to their statutory wages including Provident Fund pension schemes, employee insurance, interest free loans and bonuses at festival time. There is also a staff welfare fund and a workers’ committee who decides on how to spend it according to the welfare needs of the employees. They also harvest rainwater and sell on waste products to a recycling company. They say “A team of employers should be self responsible, understand their duty well and should have faith in their workmanship with positive attitude. Their ultimate goal should be to make the end user use our product with a smile!". Their dream is to become one of the biggest export houses for handmade goods and in return, provide work for poor families.



Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Gorgeously tactile
  • Fine threads creating a thick and lustrous tassel
  • A tassel isn’t just for Christmas!