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Black Handira Heavy Throw with Sequins & Tufting

Ian Snow Ltd

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Black Handira Heavy Throw with Sequins & Tufting




Supplier Info:

This textiles supplier is based in Panipat, India and employs 50 factory workers male & female (weavers, instructors, washers/dryers, packers & storemen) plus 5 sub contractors for dyeing. Employees are provided with insurance and provident fund. They support an NGO called Sri Sanatam Dharm Sangthan who distribute free meals to the poor community. They celebrate all festivals with free food for all their workers. They are currently planning to install solar panels in the near future to generate electricity. They put in a continuous effort to improve the factory working conditions & they endeavour to make a happy and safe work place for all of their employees. Their staff are their family - traditional crafts have survived in just a few families of craftsmen who for generations have handed down their techniques of weaving.