Blue Shaggy Rug

SKU: RG198
Product Description

Blue Boucherouite Rug

Measurements: 60cm x 90cm

Supplier Info: There are 50 factory workers, 15 home workers and 70 sub contractors involved in the manufacturing process of this Jaipur based firm, both men and women. They are all highly skilled and creative doing various handmade techniques. Loans and advances are available as required and bonuses are given to employees who are particularly talented, hard-working or who have special skills. Support is also extended to their families such as paying for school fees for their children. Several occasions such as Diwali, Eid and Independence Day are celebrated by distributing sweets to employees and sometimes giving them new clothes. They plan to install solar panels for electricity and a new hall is currently under construction for finishing and packing with Italian tiles and great lighting. The company dreams of growing bigger and to be at the top of its field in carpet and rug production and it is proud of itself and its employees.


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