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Metallic Dot Glass Votives

Ian Snow Ltd

£2.00 Regular price £6.00

This handcrafted votive is made from thick dimpled glass with a dotty detail all over on the outside and is beautifully luminous on the inside. Unlit it is polished, but add a lit tea light and it really sparkles. The light bounces off the shiny inner and permeates through the dotty relief texture.

Supplier Info: It comes from a large supplier that employs hundreds of skilled craftsmen in India. Some work from home and some in the factory, but every item they produce is hand-crafted. Materials used can include brass, iron, wood, glass, mosaic tesserae, cloth and glass beads. In addition to statutory wages, all employees receive a pension fund, bonuses and holidays, plus the company is the trustee of a specialist eye hospital named the Ahsan Hospital.


Why we love this product!

  • Fair Trade
  • Handmade
  • Shiny on the inside, dotty dimples on the outside.
  • Shines whether lit or not
  • Pair or not to pair? That is the question

Dimensions: Diameter 10cm H: 10cm