Envelope Kantha Shoulder Bag - 5

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Product Description

Every one of these scrumptious, handily-sized bags is unique, practical and totally varied in appearance due to a traditional recycling sewing technique known as kantha. Long before recycling was a western pastime, in some parts of Southeast Asia, such as Bangladesh, West Bengal and Odisha, old saris were stacked and hand-stitched to make new and useful items, like bedspreads, cushions. The attractive design of this shoulder bag includes a playful tassel detail and opens to reveal a zip, plain lining and a useful inside pocket, also with a zip.

Supplier Info: The company that makes these bags by hand, employs well over a hundred skilled artisans utilising, reviving and modernising this very technique. Some people work in the factory, but most work from home allowing them to enjoy family life, rather than having to travel in search of employment. On occasion, as many as six hundred and fifty people are regularly contracted in due to the popularity of their products. All employees receive one month bonus salary, annually in addition to statutory wages and medical quarterly health check-ups. The company are presently leading investigations into how they can improve their environmental practices, and are proud of their co-operative and friendly working environment.


Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade 
  • Each one is unique
  • Pretty and practical
  • Got to love a tassel!

Dimensions: W: 35cm D: 6cm H: 32cm

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